Would you take this bike to help save the world?

I’m serious. Between extreme climate events and a couple of recent books that claim the world and humanity is already doomed, I’m worried. But clearly Governments and Corporations and most of the media are not.

People like you and I are supposed to be consumers. If we stop buying stuff, the economy slows down, jobs are lost, tax take reduced and everyone suffers. At least that’s the narrative we are constantly fed. But according to climate scientists, that all has to change, as well as how we live our lives, use energy etc .

And I see friends making small changes, but many more people are struggling with time poverty and simply cannot manage any more than they are doing already.

Back to the bike.

I’ve spent many hours over the past few years trying to find a new home for it and cleaning it up each time, especially as it was passed on to my son by a friend.

I’ve tried to give it away twice, and I’ve tried to sell it too. On two occasions people who said they wanted it never followed through. The most recent attempt was for charity, but between the delivery arrangements and the discovery of punctures, and with so much already going on in my life, my stress levels rocketed. I’m afraid my frustration spilled over into my emails, and understandably the charity involved sourced the bike they needed elsewhere. So I still have the bike. Apparently getting the punctures fixed will cost between €10 and €12. But is it worth it? Does anyone want a junior bike that must be 10 years old at least?

Would you like it?

It’s one of several items I’ve tried to rehome in recent years. They are all still here.

I do what I can to help ‘save the world’: Clothes go to charity shops, I spend a stupid amount of time washing and splitting waste between our three bins and taking boxes, bottles, batteries etc to the local Bring Centre. The only weedkiller I use is boiling water.  I don’t replace things without trying to repair them first. My kitchen units are nearly 20 years old, the curtains are older, and that’s fine with me.

There are many people in my position. But little will change until there is more help and support for those who already feel overwhelmed by daily life. Of course the big fear is that change will be forced upon us all through catastrophic events, leading to many deaths and presumably survival of the fittest.

That prospect is so big and so frightening and makes most of us feel so helpless that it’s easier to think about booking the summer sun holiday than wondering how much our air miles are contributing to the destruction of the world. Or any of the other things we do or don’t do on a daily basis. Like why I don’t ride my bike…

Until there are fundamental changes in society and the economy, which will have to be led from the top, and probably pushed from the bottom, I don’t see things getting any better. What do you think?

And as for this bike? Rehoming it should be just one small step towards saving the world. But sometimes even small steps are harder than they look.

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5 thoughts on “Would you take this bike to help save the world?

  1. Leave the bike somewhere in a poor neighbourhood, with a note on it – This bike is free, Take it home if you want it. I bet someone will take it.

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