A new toy and other reasons to be cheerful

It began with a torn page from a Sunday paper. Life was looking up in the summer of 2017, and I was determined to be brave and try new things. Also I needed a way to check how fast I was running, so when I read about this Kickstarter project for a budget smartwatch, I took a chance and backed it. As you know, it paid off, and I got my smartwatch in time for Christmas. It did everything I wanted and more, and quickly became an essential pice of kit. No more missed calls or messages, which can be so frustrating when you’re trying to organise something important for your children. So I was not happy when the watch broke for good last week. But I was happy when I found a bargain replacement that looks a bit like an Apple Watch and costs just £70. It also has great reviews, the battery is supposed to last for 45 days, and it appears to do almost everything on my wish list. So far I’m delighted …

In related news the wireless earphones that were free with my first smartwatch are still working, even though the watch is not.

Reasons to be cheerful 13.4.19

And I’ve a few other reasons to be cheerful too:

Friday was the last day I knew for sure I would have an empty house. So I made the most of it by tackling a head wrecking house maintenance issue. But during the breaks between stages I sat down and read a book instead of rushing around doing other chores.

With worries about the future mounting again, I also took a break earlier in the week to go for a short walk along Dublin’s seafront to clear my head.

A lovely message from a reader with a severely disabled child who found my blog  and said it gave her comfort for the future.

Oldest and youngest chose takeaways for dinner last Monday giving me time to bring B to the Rainbow 13+ Social Club in the evening, which she loved.

Our wonderful home hairdresser made us look presentable again.

When the health service gives you a week to respond to a letter or you will be struck off the waiting list and your busy but kind-hearted GP rings to make sure you’re not away and are able to respond.

After a long break, it looks like I will get two trips out to the cinema over the next couple of months with eldest and then a friend.

Finally yesterday was a wonderful day of inclusion for my disabled daughter, beginning with the park run at Tymon and ending with a 50th birthday party. I can tell you she went straight to sleep last night!

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart 


6 thoughts on “A new toy and other reasons to be cheerful

  1. I’m so glad you found little things to smile about! Fabulous that you found a bargain, with your watch, I couldn’t manage without mine. Your GP sounds like a rare find. Hope you enjoy your future trips to the cinema x


  2. I want to know what that watch does. I need something to count my steps but it doesn’t need to have Netflix on it. I shall have to do some research. Enjoy yours. xxx


  3. So glad to read you’ve had a better week. I’ve toyed with the idea of the smart watch. I’m not as active these past months, my Fitbit must think I’m broken. Thank goodness you have a great GP, a proactive one too! xx

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