Reasons to be cheerful about friends

How do you define a holiday?

For me it’s become any extended break away from my various roles and responsibilities. A chance to snatch at the memories of the person I once was.

So you might say I’ve been enjoying a week’s holiday, with visits from family and friends, and my day out running the 10k Womens Mini Marathon sandwiched in-between.

I had a wonderful time with my friends, as did my young adults. Far too much fabulous food was eaten. We went to the beach, despite some gloomy weather, and wine and conversation flowed in the evenings as we talked and talked about the world outside disability.

Then there was the Mini Marathon. After months of injuries, I only had 6 weeks to train for it, and I was determined to finish in under 60 minutes, if it killed me. And with roastingly hot temperatures during the run, it nearly did. But I was absolutely over the moon when I crossed the finish line.

It wasn’t all good, because as soon as started to feel relaxed a pesky little virus spotted an opportunity and BAM! it flooded me with germs, but I managed to remain cheerful thanks to the wonders of modern medication…

Then on Friday it was back to full on caring duties of the emotionally challenging kind and I didn’t do too well! But I’m hoping to enjoy a relaxing weekend as I will be entertaining my disabled daughter by bringing her to a couple of local events within walking distance, making everything easier and less stressful.

Hope you had good week xx

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8 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful about friends

  1. Well done on the 10k time – I still can’t do that and I am way younger than you! Sounds like your support network was there for you when you needed it x

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