Some reasons to be cheerful

Okay so I was going to stay away, but reading this from the founder of Reasons to Be Cheerful reminded me of why I keep doing these posts, even if I don’t manage contentment as a result!

Be warned: today’s post won’t be stylishly written, as the demands on me and my time just keep escalating, and I learned this week that there is no end in sight. So every day is about survival – giving the two young adults in my care as much time, care and entertainment as I can manage along with household and disability management and admin. And bit of self care is needed too as you’ll see from the cheerful news below:

The week began and ended with my disabled daughter B and I volunteering at two different parkruns.

Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 11.46.48

Last Saturday night we both went to a 21st birthday party for one of her pals on her adult programme, here she is waiting for it all to get started.

Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 11.46.29

On Sunday her PA took her out for a few hours so I could reduce my stress levels by going out for a short run and also take youngest out to lunch for some one on one time with me.

A bad dream about the scary consequences of not tackling a household maintenance task   spurred me into action on Monday morning as soon as B left for the day and I still haven’t finished the decluttering..

On Tuesday B and I went to Greenan Farm and Maze in Co Wicklow for another wonderful day out with the Rainbow Junior Arch Club. There’s so much to see and do there, from farm animals to nature walks to history brought to life.

On Wednesday morning I met friends for coffee at the lovely Lovely Food Cafe, while in the evening I brought B to a Zumba class when our usual Wednesday evening activity was cancelled. She was in tears going in – I still don’t know why – but started giggling with joy as soon as the music and dancing got started.

Thursday saw me running in the Phoenix Park with my running group, and an evening trip to Tesco when a kind young woman spotted that something had fallen off my trolley (I was pulling it and pushing B in her wheelchair) and crossed the car park to get it for me when she realised I was exhausted.

More kindness on Friday when a friend on holiday spotted the bendy straws my daughter needs to drink on sale in a local shop and promised to bring back a couple of boxes for her.

Kindness is definitely underrated, and being on the receiving end of it this week really helped xx

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart 


5 thoughts on “Some reasons to be cheerful

  1. We need reminding how small acts of kindness for one person can make so much difference to someone else who may be in the middle of an exhausting time. xxx

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