A better view

It’s not been a good day, and I scrawled a ranty angry post about the parent carer trap that I’m sure you don’t want to read, especially as most of it poured out when a friend dropped by..

So instead I will look forward to the long weekend, even though today’s abandoned paperwork will be hanging over me like a dark cloud.

Bank holiday weekends can be a bit lonely with everyone away, but thanks to social media I have a list of events that B and I can enjoy.

Expect photos, and a better view than this …

A better view





3 thoughts on “A better view

  1. I look forward to the scenic photos. Although, the kitchen sink portrays a whole lot of artistic symbolism which should also be acknowledged. xxx

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  2. I quite like your photo. We seem to spend a lot of time at our kitchen sinks and gazing out of the window. As Tom O’Connor once said in a comedy sketch “My window’s my world” – how true that can be. Sending you hugs xxx

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