Reasons to be cheerful: Getting Organised

Life is still giving me a good kicking, and that’s making me more determined than ever to find – and engineer – some reasons to be cheerful.

September always feels more like the start of a New Year than January, with the end of the summer, and the beginning of a new school year, while job changes, car purchases and moves for me have always happened in the autumn, so there is a flurry to bills to pay and things to organise.

So ‘organised’ is how I plan to be this month. Over the summer, I’d been randomly tackling various jobs but on Thursday I decided to put together a full list, something I used to prepare regularly, but the last one I could find was dated March 2018. And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that despite the chaos and trauma of the past 18 months, I was actually able to cross off most of the items.

My garden has looked very sad for a long time, so on a visit to the local hardware shop I grabbed the first six pack of plants I saw, and shoved them in the weedy containers in the backyard, and it does look a bit better as a result.

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 16.24.50

Earlier in the summer I made plans to ensure my old van would pass its roadworthiness test (called the NCT in Ireland), including surprising my local garage by booking a service and pre test check two months in advance! But I still did a double take when the technician gave me the certificate and told me she’d passed… Such a relief.

I’m also getting organised ahead of the prospect of empty shelves post-Brexit in November thanks to some ‘junk’ mail consisting of vouchers for my local Lidl store that gave me €10 back for every €50 spent, and I rarely spend that amount in Lidl so it was actually a challenge! But it’s enabled me to stock up on essentials: extra important when you care for two disabled adults with very specific needs.

Then on Saturday I got the opportunity to dust down my rusty professional skills when I attended the AGM of a national disability organisation. I always enjoy the chance to do something that feels like ‘work’, and yesterday I was able to bring my disabled daughter with me to the event, so there were no guilty feelings either.

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 11.45.34

Finally I discovered why my smartwatch did not appear to be logging all my ‘steps’, I’d blamed its low price, but it turns out that steps are not counted when you are pushing something, so as I walked to and from the AGM pushing my daughter in her wheelchair, it seems I clocked up 15,000 odd steps yesterday, and not the 9000 that my watch recorded. Am feeling particularly virtuous now 😀.

Head on over to Lakes Single Mum for more reasons to be cheerful and have a great week xx

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart 

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