Drowning #WorldMentalHealthDay

Yes carers struggle with their mental health. I’m sitting here trying to do my breathing and drinking chamomile tea after receiving yet more challenging news. Meanwhile the dust piles up, the ‘to do’ list gets longer, as does the list of friends and family to be contacted. This blog is barely touched, I’m losing my place in the social media food chain, and have to say no to almost everything. The young adults are fed on mashed potato and pizza (but not together) but I mostly show you the happy photos because that’s what social media is about right?

Happy #WorldMentalHealthDay

Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 15.18.27
My banner for one of next week’s protests 16.10 at 11am Leinster House. BE THERE


3 thoughts on “Drowning #WorldMentalHealthDay

  1. Sorry I’m late to this post – just catching up with blog reading. Yes social media is largely about showing the good times but your regular blogging has given many people an insight into the lives of carers that we wouldn’t have known or appreciated. This blog is a valuable document and should be used in future campaigns to recognize the reality of how carers save the government from having to take responsibility for disabled citizens. I know this doesn’t help you today, just to say that your work is valuable. Lots of love xxx


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