A birthday week fit for a princess #R2BC

My lovely 23 year old still loves everything pink, sparkly and princessy, so when the organisers of the inclusive Tymon Parkrun offered to celebrate B’s birthday one Saturday and asked for a theme, the first thing that popped into my head was Pop Princesses, so we went with that, and she had a wonderful morning with running in tutus (including me), music, presents, attention and cake too!

Smiley Princess Tymon
A beautiful photo block showing B looking very regal presented to us by Tymon Parkrun to commemorate her birthday run

Every princess needs to go to a birthday ball too, doesn’t she? So we did that on Sunday when we took part in a charity Zumba ‘ball’ with friends, and she head danced and laughed her way through the afternoon.

On Monday she enjoyed a feast fit for a princess with Breakfast at Tiffany’s Avoca with friends.

Another cake was enjoyed on Tuesday with her friends at her adult programme, and a day later I brought her to a preview of the amazing Wild Lights Display at Dublin Zoo, which she attended with the same group and her key worker. Sadly this didn’t go so well for her, once again proving my point that you can never take anything for granted with my disabled daughter, except that she usually prefers something familiar. So maybe she’d enjoy a return visit next year. Also I’d like to go 😀.

WIld Light 2019
All I saw of Wild Lights 😀

Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings were quieter than planned, as my van was needed by another family member, but we did go back to Tymon Parkrun on Saturday morning to volunteer, and enjoyed a walk in the Palace Botanic Gardens with friends on Saturday afternoon.

What more could a princess want?

Head over to Lakes Single Mum for more reasons to be cheerful.


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