Reasons to be cheerful 16.11.19

I’ve no good news about the bad news, so here’s some reasons to be cheerful instead. And yes I did organise most of them myself…

A surfeit of Zumba?

I went to three Zumba classes this week! On Monday and Tuesday they took place during the hour I escape from the house. Then on Wednesday evening B’s usual activity was cancelled, and she was getting bored and cross, so we headed out into the lashing rain for the local Zumba class around the corner, which she loved.

Some running too

On Thursday I went to Dublin’s Phoenix Park for a run with my running group, despite the bitter cold and threat of rain. Only four of us turned up out of the 2000 odd in the group and I remembered why I was there. It’s because if you value something, especially when it’s run by volunteers, you should show up when you can, even on the cold days, the wet days and the duvet days. Use it or lose it goes for services too – I’ve seen too many dwindle away until they died completely.

Phoenix Park Nov 19
The rain stopped for us and the sun came out

On Saturday I got a last minute opportunity to go to Fairview parkrun on my own 😀 – I do love running with my disabled daughter, but I am very tired at the moment, so I really appreciated the chance to run without a buggy for once. I did better than expected, only 14 seconds off my best time, the 9th woman, and the fastest in my age group, so I’ll take that 😀.

Parkrun Fairview 16.11.19
Pic courtesy of Fairview Parkrun

Quality Time with Eldest

Thursday night we went to the cinema to see Official Secrets, which we absolutely loved. I’ve heard very little about this film, but it’s a true spy story that’s stranger than fiction, with a stellar cast and a sharp script.

On Friday I brought her shopping, with both trips a belated way to celebrate her birthday, which was in September, but we’ve been sooooo busy …

And Finally

Today B and I met the always inspiring Ann Kennedy. Despite all her health problems, she thought of my disabled daughter during a recent trip to the US, and brought back some reusable drinking straws for her to try. That’s real kindness.

Have a great week xx


One thought on “Reasons to be cheerful 16.11.19

  1. So true about supporting services even when you don’t feel like it, or they won’t be there when you do want them. I’m glad you had a lovely evening and shopping with your eldest. It sounds fun.


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