Fudge, family and elephant feet

**Disclaimer – I was not asked or given any inducement to mention the companies in this post, I just believe in giving credit where it is due**

Just back from my first trip overseas for 8 years, with only my profoundly disabled daughter for company. Mad? Perhaps, but good too.

Our 4 day break was by turns stressful and relaxing, then stressful again, but I knew I was on holidays when I found myself sitting in front of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the middle of the afternoon eating fudge while B played with her toys. I’d put the show on for her, but ended up watching it myself 😊. Wild huh?

The trip began properly on Friday morning at 1.59 am, when B decided to wake up, maybe she was excited? At least it gave me lots of time to finish packing. We’ve done the ferry trip many times in the past and little has changed except there are no fast ferries now during the winter months, so it was a much longer journey, but at least it was familiar, and we were well looked after by the Irish Ferries staff.

Irish Ferries, trip to Wales

Our destination – Shrewsbury – was not so familiar. Which was good and bad (the one way system and the steep hills!)

Shrewsbury across the River Severn

Staying in a hotel with B was another first, and I had no idea how it was going to work. We were given a well appointed room for disabled people on the ground floor (which was raised from street level and reached by ramp at the front and a lift at the back of the hotel). However the room was designed for typical disabled people, not someone like my daughter, so she couldn’t use the shower chair for example (but bed baths were fine for a couple of days). The bed itself was a divan, and I couldn’t get the hoist underneath it, so I lifted her on the first night, which was quite dangerous after a long journey on very little sleep. I mentioned this problem at Reception the next morning, not expecting much, but during the day they lifted the bed using ‘Elephant Feet’ which I had never heard of before, and hey presto, we had a room that worked for us pretty well! So thank you Premier Inn, you really helped to make our stay with you as relaxing as possible given my daughter’s very specialist needs.

An elephant foot
Elephant Feet

Shrewsbury is a beautiful town, even during a rainy November weekend, with a population similar to that of Galway, but surprisingly it’s not a popular tourist destination, even though it has good transport links, lots of historic buildings, pretty cafes, riverside walks and small specialist shops, such as Roly’s Fudge, where you can watch the fudge being made..

Making Fudge, Roly's Fudge

We ate a lot and not just fudge! At gorgeous restaurants and pubs such as these:

We also enjoyed meals at home with the family, and B loved the cosy family atmosphere and being the centre of attention 😍.

Happy B in Family House

Of course I took B shopping too, to pick up some Christmas presents and gifts for the two young adults who stayed in Dublin. We even tried out the town’s Changing Places toilet, next to this gorgeous church:

Church, Shrewsbury
Gratuitous photo of the church because it’s much prettier than the toilet

So all in all, it was a great success, over too quickly of course, but now we’ve done it once, hopefully we can do it again …


9 thoughts on “Fudge, family and elephant feet

  1. That’s impressive that they have elephant feet to hand. (Had not heard of them before either.)
    There’s a Roly’s Fudge in Lyme Regis too. It’s hard not to eat everything in the bag between the shop and home. It all just sort of , , , goes.

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