The Other Side Of The Wall – a book review I HAD to write

Disclosure: Andrea Mara, the author of The Other Side Of The Wall is a Facebook friend, but I paid for my Kindle download and I was not induced in any way to write this review.

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An exhausted mum of two young children thinks she sees something in her neighbour’s pond during the night shift. And so begins a chain of mystifying and worrying events, which tap into every woman’s fears about her children’s safety and her own, but the author of The Other Side Of The Wall handles them with a lightness of touch that means most readers should not get nightmares, unless you’ve got some very strange people living next door…

There’s a deserved buzz around this book, and even though I don’t usually read psychological thrillers, I was drawn to this one. Perhaps because its themes of motherhood, juggling, living in the suburbs, and worrying about the children are so universal.

The story has all the twists and turns that you’d expect and side plots including difficulties in the workplace, a young man with a troubled past, and a mysterious case of domestic abuse.

As a reader it feels as though she is telling the story to you alone, whispered confidentially in a quiet corner of a coffee shop in leafy south Dublin. It did not feel like a tentative first book by an aspiring writer, instead it has the confidence and sure touch of an established author.

I genuinely could not put down The Other Side Of The Wall, and I have the dark circles to prove it, from late nights when I had to read just one more chapter…

The pace kept up until the very last page. And left me wanting more.


The Other Side Of The Wall is available now in all good bookshops and from Amazon.

Author Andrea Mara is a mother of three and lives in Dublin. She also writes the award winning blog Office Mum.